Travel Tips: Miami and Cape Town

What's your name? Alberto

Where do you live? Miami, Florida

5 Places to go in Miami:

  1. The Wharf:  outdoor space with food trucks and bar, you can either go during the day for a relaxing afternoon and enjoy the happy hour or go at night and party.
  2. Sugar Bar at the East Hotel: Beautiful Rooftop Bar (Probably the Highest Rooftop Bar in Miami) with amazing views of the Miami City. 
  3. River Oyster Bar: Great Seafood and Bar, must try the grilled octopus. 
  4. Wyndwood: This is the place where Art, food, drinks and the cool crowd meets a completely different side of Miami
  5. Lagniappe: Not your typical wine bar, outdoor garden with live music and food. 

Favorite City (So Far): Cape Town, South Africa

5 Places to go in Cape Town:

  1. Lion's Head: Hike or Drive up the mountain, bring a blanket, favorite drink, friends to watch an amazing sunset
  2. 12 Apostle Hotel: One of the best Brunch I've ever been with an amazing waterfront view inside a beautiful hotel. 
  3. Constantia, Cape Town; Go Wine tasting for an afternoon in the beautiful suburb of Cape Town. 
  4. Boulders Beach: Interact with the Penguins, they roam free! you can swim (if you like icy water), sunbath, sit among them. 
  5. Victoria Wharf; It one of the most iconic/recognizable locations of Cape Town SA, shopping, fishing, dining, etc all at the wharf.  

Travel Tip: For international trips remember to bring a power plug travel adapter w/ USB port and always carry a backup battery.