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Happy Women’s History Month!

Happy Women’s History Month!What started as a national observance day in 1909, was then extended to a week in 1978 and finally, in 1987, Congress declared March as the official month to celebrate and highlight women’s contributions to events in history and society. Cheers to all the courageous women who made this happen. Women’s history is women’s right!

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Tory Burch: The Embrace Ambition Series

On March 8th we celebrated International Women’s Day with Tory Burch Foundation “The Embrace Ambition Series” The Tory Burch Foundation advances women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship. The event took place at the Brooklyn Museum, Tory Burch, Laurie Fabiano, Marilyn Minter, Lilly Ledbetter and Le’Andra Leseur took the stage to speak about their careers and ambitions.  After the conference, we had the opportunity to enter the breathtaking Frida Kahlo: Apperances can be deceiving exhibition. 

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Made in Queens - Valentine's Market

Great afternoon sharing a space Bulova Corporate Center with extraordinary Queens designers, makers, and vendors for 2019 Valentine's Market. Hooks and Luxe Paige's Candle Co Michele Benjamin Jewelry Design Queens Knits Treestar NYC R+D Lovuna Boot Band - Makes Boots Your Size Made in Queens - MiQ

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