Agrarian Crisis

The Agrarian crisis has been an issue in India for the past two decades.

70% of the people in India depend directly or indirectly upon agriculture. Farm-related issues such as crop failure, health problems due to constant exposure to chemicals and the inability to repay growing debt as a result of high priced pesticides used in cotton and other crops, frequently lead to suicides.

At AROUND, we choose to source our blank t-shirts from a Fair Trade Certified factory in India as a way to support the farmers and their families.

Our organic and Fair Trade cotton is from Chetna Organic Project, a farmer-run cooperative in India.
The Chetna benefits to farmers include: 
•Empowering farmers to negotiate with buyers
•Agricultral education and training
•Hand-harvesting without harmful chemical defoliants and water conservation
•Health insurance
•Fair wages

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