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Why our t-shirts carry the Fair Trade Certified tag?

Do you know WHY our t-shirts carry the Fair Trade Certified tag?!

The same way we are 100% committed to the environment, we are ALSO 100% committed to the people behind each piece, meaning that your purchase of a Fair Trade Certified™ item(s) supports better working conditions for the cotton farmers and factory workers who made it. And for each product sold, they earn a premium to invest in social development projects and to fight poverty in their communities.

Look good, do good!

Agrarian Crisis

The Agrarian crisis has been an issue in India for the past two decades.

70% of the people in India depend directly or indirectly upon agriculture. Farm-related issues such as crop failure, health problems due to constant exposure to chemicals and the inability to repay growing debt as a result of high priced pesticides used in cotton and other crops, frequently lead to suicides.

At AROUND, we choose to source our blank t-shirts from a Fair Trade Certified factory in India as a way to support the farmers and their families.

Our organic and Fair Trade cotton is from Chetna Organic Project, a farmer-run cooperative in India.
The Chetna benefits to farmers include: 
•Empowering farmers to negotiate with buyers
•Agricultral education and training
•Hand-harvesting without harmful chemical defoliants and water conservation
•Health insurance
•Fair wages

You can learn more about our game-changing practices by going to:

Behind the Scenes - Metal Tags

I bet you didn’t know that every single one of our metal tags are stamped and sewn by hand in NYC.

The process is a bit long and loud because we have to hammer every tag, then use ink to make our logo visible, afterward clean the ink excess and then polish the metal tag. Lastly, we hand sew them to the t-shirt. 

All the hard work is worth it because our customers LOVE how they look and we do too.  It’s all about the details.

around eco custom made branded metal tags

Behind the Scenes - Flyers

Our new flyers arrived and we are LOVING them!
Like our entire packaging, these flyers are eco-friendly made out of recycled paper and soy ink.  Soo cool, right?! You can look good and do good.

around eco flyer promotion with models using ecofriendly and fair trade tshirts

Behind the scenes - Manual Farming 

Did you know that manual farming is one of the steps in the making of our awesome t-shirts?

Crop rotation and manual cultivation maintain healthy soil, use fewer fossil fuels and sequester carbon dioxide, helping combat global warming.
Because that’s how we roll.  Right choices=WE can all make a difference.


fair trade certified farmer picking organic cotton use for around eco tshirts

Why Fair Trade is so important to us?

Why Fair Trade is so important to us?
A short answer: Because we are ALL humans and we ALL deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

A TRUE fact about the Fast Fashion industry is that it’s one of the largest industries that use slave and child labor.
Whenever you are buying something new, please look for the Fair Trade Certified label or just ask “who made this?”

The Fair Trade Full Circle

“It turns out, good practices and good products go hand in hand. A growing number of farmers, factories, businesses, and consumers are seeing how investing in people best secures the future of the products (and planet) we love. By purchasing Fair Trade, you join a virtuous circle that improves lives, protects the environment, and produces high-quality products for you and your family to enjoy.”-Fair Trade USA campaign.

Words to live by...

Words to live by... these affirmations are all AROUND our logo as a constant reminder for good and greatness.
“• inspire others • share • never ever give up • do good • explore more • kindness is beautiful • love • go travel the world • live • dream big • smile • follow your heart • relax • be grateful • collect moments not things • good vibes • stay cool•”

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Remembering Rana Plaza

Exactly 6 years ago, 1,134 people lost their lives and another 2,500 were injured after the collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh.

This accident is considered the deadliest structural failure in modern history as well as the deadliest accident in garment-factory history.

The garment workers were forced to work despite the multiple reports of damage in the building. This was a preventable tragedy but greed prevailed.

Demanding transparency from the brands you consume and supporting fair trade practices will make all the difference in the world.🌎

destroyed factory called rana plaza where thousands of garment workers lost their lives

women being safe by a man at the Rana Plaza factory disaster

Remembering Rana Plaza april 24th

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