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"We believe that each one of us has the power to change the world, protect the environment, and better the lives of others and future generations."   

Welcome statement from Around Eco

Welcome from Founder Jenn V. 

Hi everyone-
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much for being here!
Through the years I have realized that September is a very special month for me, full of beautiful moments and milestones. September seems to be the month where things come Around, full circle. It is the month when I became an aunt to the most gorgeous girl, the month when I moved from Puerto Rico for the first time to study in California, the month when I quit my job to pursue an MBA in Barcelona, and it was in September when I packed my bags and moved to New York City 5 years ago!
After months of hard work, it is in this lucky September that I became a small business owner in New York with my new brand Around. I am beyond excited and happy to share my work, my passion, and see my vision come to life. It is truly a dream come true!
Around stands for ethical fashion, social, and environmental responsibility. Our line of t-shirts are made of organic cotton + recycled plastic bottles, they are also Fair Trade Certified supporting farmers, factory workers, empowering women, and investing in communities. 
I'm grateful to be able to help and support many people with this project. 
I believe that all of us have the power to change the world and create a positive impact in other people's lives. In these times of such much negativity, we can plant a seed of hope, love, and care for each other and our planet. We can always do better, we can always do good!
Lastly but most importantly, I want to thank my amazing family, and friends for their support and being the best cheerleaders!

Love you all,

We say Goodbye to 2018 and Welcome 2019 with open arms 🤗
Thank you, everyone, for an amazing 2018!

Thank YOU! AROUND'S 1st year anniversary!

When you do what you love, every day is an adventure. And every day you work towards your dreams is better than yesterday. Today AROUND turns #1! One incredible year already!
This has been a beautiful and rewarding experience and we are so grateful for all the support received from our customers, friends, and family. We are proud of our little steps and giant leaps are taken this year, and beyond excited for what tomorrow will bring!
Photo by: Just Femme

Around Eco Founder Jenn Velez wearing screenprinted custom made logo top made from organic cotton and recycle plastic bottles in NYC

Thank you - 18 months in business!

March 16th = 18 months in business

First of all, thank you, everyone, for all the love and support! 

It’s been quite an unexpected ride... Truth be told, some days it sucks to run a business, but I’ve never felt more fulfilled in my life.
Around Eco has given me the opportunity to make a difference in the world, to grow, to travel, and to meet extraordinary people.
I’m grateful for the present and excited about the future!
Love you all!

Around Eco Founder Jenn Velez wearing screenprinted custom made Island Gal fair trade certified tshirt made from organic cotton and recycle plastic bottles in NYC

Our Story

11 days ago, I had the opportunity to share the story of AROUND in my beautiful island, Puerto Rico. In 20 minutes, I shared a journey that goes back 10 years, when traveling changed the course of my life. Today, I’m grateful every single day of taking those first ‘scary’ steps of moving to different countries, learning other languages, meeting people from around the world and experiencing life from a different perspective. This was what ultimately brought me to create AROUND. The amount of emails and messages of LOVE and support that I have been getting after our conversation reminds me of the importance of staying TRUE to yourself, living and telling YOUR STORY. Thank you Mochileando for inviting me and AROUND to your amazing Mochileando Bootcamp. GRACIAS PUERTO RICO! SIEMPRE EN MI CORAZÓN!

Around Eco Founder Jenn Velez wearing made to order Game Changer tee made from sustainable materials organic cotton and recycle plastic bottles in NYC

Sydney, see you soon!

We loved the  Green Chic Life's blog post about us! 
"Have you ever seen a shirt and thought: Wow, I love this, but wish it was a different color? Well, I have a solution for you! At AROUND, you can customize eco-friendly tees that shine!"
Please read her entire post here.

Gift Guides ideas by Carmen Dominicci Trotamundos

So excited to be on Carmen Dominicci's gift guide for travelers!  Check out her list here:


Around Eco Born to Fly ecofriendly tshirt feature in carmen dominicci gift guide holidays travel presents

Carmen Dominicci weraring Around Eco Born to Fly fair trade and ecofriendly tshirt  in Italy

In Women We Trust Tee

An exciting collaboration with Milo Tricot
In Women We Trust - The Guerrilla Tee 

100% of sales benefits will be donated to the non-profit EMILY’S LIST  in order to support their mission by helping elect women to run for office and win.

“We still have far to go not just within government, but also within the progressive sphere of women’s movement, to build a community where diverse perspectives are put to work”(...)” We are committed to practicing intersectional feminism that acknowledges the complex relationships between discriminatory structures- and moving forward together towards a morally just and equitable society”

The Guerrilla Tee has been printed in NY in collaboration with the gang member Jenn Velez from AROUND.

As Seen In Condé Nast Traveller UK - May Issue 2018

Condé Nast Traveller UK - May Issue 2018

Spring/Summer 2018 'Take Me Away' campaign of Condé Nast Traveller UK, showcasing a hand-picked selection of luxury fashion, and must-have travel essentials (we are #31).

Around Eco Featured in Conde Nast Traveller UK 2018
Around Eco Featured in Conde Nast Traveller UK 2018, Male model wearing Travel Addict sustainable custom made tshirt and female model wearing Island Gal fair trade certified tshirt

Announcement!! Next Move

I can’t think of a better day than today, my 7th anniversary in NYC to share that I’ll be moving for the 5th time in my life.

Growing up I didn’t have the opportunity to travel, so I made travel a priority for the rest of my life. I started traveling 11 years ago, thanks to the university’s Study Abroad Program and like a snowball effect this took me from Puerto Rico to San Bernardino to Salamanca, then Barcelona for an MBA and NYC for work.

Now, for my 5th move, I’ll be heading to the other side of the world, Sydney.

What brings me there?
1. My brother 2. Learn more about sustainability (Australia is doing a great job in sustainable fashion) 3. Adventure

I’d say to everyone: study, work, and save money to do what they love, and if you’re in college and want to travel take advantage of the exchange programs.

Keep your focus and work towards what you (not others) want.

Around Eco Founder Jenn Velez in from of a New York Graffiti wall 

Moving is living

Life is built upon our choices, decisions and the risks we have the courage to take. I’m moving to a new city for the 5th time in my life, but this time feels completely different because with me I’m bringing Around Eco.
Today starts a new chapter and I can’t wait to share everything with all of you!
See you later New York, see you soon Sydney.

Around Eco Founder Jenn Velez wearing Island Gal sustainable and ecofriendly tshirt

Hello Sydney

This will be home for the next year! I have been in Sydney for about 10 days now and so far I’m loving the city.
The people I’ve met here are very nice, the food is delicious, the installations and markets are jaw-dropping and the parks are beautiful.
I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you.
Sydney harbor view from Circular Quay station picture taken by Around Eco  

Welcome, 2020!

Let’s welcome 2020 with open arms! May this year be filled with adventures and many great stories.

Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy New Year!Wearing Travel Addict t-shirt.Around Eco founder Jenn velez wearing Travel Addict screenprinted, sustainable tshirt 

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The "New Normal" 

multi-use headtube face mask fight coronavirus covid

This “new normal” has taught all of us so many lessons in a relatively short period of time. Our hope is that once all of this is over (*wishing it will be soon*) you will see the world a little bit different, you will take advantage of the opportunities that cross your path and you won’t miss a second of being surrounded by your love ones.
Now, we must continue to stand up for what is right, protecting yourself to protect others.

Our multi-use bandanas in collab with @mochileandopr are made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles upcycled t-shirt, socially responsible sourced, made in USA.
Our t-shirt are ecofriendly, Fair Trade Certified, made to order and handprinted.
Shop Multi-use Head Tube by Mochileando x Around Eco