Puerto Rico Relief Trip

On November 6th, we travel from NYC to SJU to contribute to Puerto Rico's Relief efforts.

We were able to visit Ciales and Santurce and meet incredible strong people that basically lost everything and once you asked them how they were doing, most of them said: "We are ok, at least we are alive." But it's not ok not to have: food, drinkable water, medicine, ceilings, walls and so on.

We met, Don José (in the pictures) still had no ceiling, power and phone service. He was sleeping on a tiny bed and his house was flooded. We were able to help him, but there’s so much to do and so many more families to help.

Puerto Rico is not ok, Puerto Rico needs help!

Thank you Mochileando.com for being so committed to the island! Loved being with you guys, will always carry you in my heart!

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