Sydney, see you soon!

Announcement!! Next Move

I can’t think of a better day than today, my 7th anniversary in NYC to share that I’ll be moving for the 5th time in my life.

Growing up I didn’t have the opportunity to travel, so I made travel a priority for the rest of my life. I started traveling 11 years ago, thanks to the university’s Study Abroad Program and like a snowball effect this took me from Puerto Rico to San Bernardino to Salamanca, then Barcelona for an MBA and NYC for work.

Now, for my 5th move, I’ll be heading to the other side of the world, Sydney.

What brings me there?
1. My brother 2. Learn more about sustainability (Australia is doing a great job in sustainable fashion) 3. Adventure

I’d say to everyone: study, work, and save money to do what they love and if you’re in college and want to travel take advantage of the exchange programs.

Keep your focus and work towards what you (not others) want.