Wide Awake: Female Founders Day

Luminary and Female Founder Collective joined forces on March 6th for a full day of panel discussions and workshops, a true example of women supporting women. 

The room was filled with incredible and powerful women of all industry including finance, tech, fashion, and wellness.

Among the speakers:

Rebecca Minkoff, Cate Luzio, Mary Ann Reilly, Jennifer Meyer, Arielle Charnas, Tara Foley, Ann Shoket, Michelle Cordeiro Grant, Mariah Chase, Nicole Gibbons, Amy Schecter, Carly Zakin, Danielle Weisberg, Colleen McKeegan, Sutian Dong, Katia Beauchamp, Jennifer Fleiss, Cate Luzio, Sallie Krawcheck, Wendy Naugle, Dee Poku, Christine Hunsicker, Reshma Saujani, and Rachel Blumenthal.