Sustainable Practices

Fair Trade's Full Circle

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Fair Trade Certified: Sweatshop Free

  • Your purchase of Fair Trade Certified™ items supports better working conditions for the cotton farmers and factory workers who made it. And for each product sold, they earn a premium to invest in social development projects and to fight poverty in their communities.
  • For the small farmer - The fair trade premium is often invested in community projects to help improve a low standard of living e.g. entire villages can have safe drinking water, infrastructure, schooling and medical facilities where none existed before.
  • For factory workers - Fair trade ensures that no child labor is used, employers pay decent wages, maintain health and safety standards and provide a conducive work environment.  Each product sold as ‘Fair Trade Certified' contributes an additional 5% of the production cost to a mill workers fund set up specifically to supplement wages.
  • Women's empowerment is a key component of the fair trade. Women participate in decision making in the fair trade project.  Standards at the mill level mandate equal pay, standards for maternity leave, health care and freedom from harassment.
  • Additional worker benefits include:

    • Meal coupons or its cash equivalent to all employees to subsidize up to 65% of meals
    • Reimbursement of school fees for all children of workers
    • Paid holidays: 14 annual holidays plus 1 paid day off for every 20 days of work
    • Overtime paid at double the normal wage
    • Medical Insurance plan enrollment to cover all employees and their dependents
    • An interest generating retirement pension fund plan
    • Interest-free loans of up to six months wages
    • Buses to provide transportation to/from the mill
    • An annual eye operation camp where workers and families can get free cataract surgery
collecting organic cotton for tshirts, Ethical fashion, fairtrade clothing,Sustainable Practices,Social Impact,AROUND ECO

Eco-friendly: Organic Cotton + Recycled Plastic Bottle Fiber

  • We source our fiber from the Chetna Organic project in central India. Chetna is a progressive collective of thousands of small to medium size landowners that practice eco-friendly and socially sustainable farming. The association has received FLO certification. Pre-harvest financing and fair prices allow farmers a livelihood of dignity. They also receive training on international fair trade criteria for employment, work environment, and community development.
  • Organic cotton is grown with natural means and uses sustainable practices. These include manual farming, using high-quality resilient seed varieties, crop rotation, water conserving methods and botanical pest control. The soil is enriched and healthy so it requires fewer external applications and treatments.
  • The eco-friendly process uses recycled water, biofuels, reduces electric use and conserves and recycles resources. The utilization of recycled PET bottles to keep them out of the landfills reduces waste, lowers carbon footprint and adds longevity. The dyeing unit has an on-site effluent treatment plant to prevent toxic runoff. Non-chlorine bleach, silicone-free softeners and low impact, azo-free dyes that do not create a hazard to health and environment are used.
collecting organic cotton for tshirts, Ethical fashion, fairtrade clothing,Sustainable Practices,Social Impact,AROUND ECO

Made in India

The main focus of our brand is to make positive contributions to the world.  After deadly factory events, farmers suicides rates and high rates of impoverishment in India we decided to manufacture there and make a difference.
Fair Trade Certification™ provides the consumer with peace of mind reassuring that these products were made with respect to people and planet.  This market access lifts farming families from poverty through trade which keeps food on the table, children in school and families on their land.  Ethical consumers can make a powerful lasting impact and create livelihoods of dignity.  The fair trade movement presents an opportunity to address grave issues like poverty alleviation, social justice, human and women's rights.
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Designed and Hand Press in New York City

We are happy to design and screen print locally in NYC.  Each design is press by hand making them very special and unique.
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We are 100% hands down committed to the environment, that includes making use of eco-friendly packaging materials made in the USA.  Some of our amazing choices that support our efforts towards a better planet are: 100% Recycled Poly Mailers, Natural Hemp Twine, Recycled White Tissue Paper
Shout out to EcoEnclose, for our beautiful earth-friendly packaging without sacrificing aesthetic!
We encourage you to Connect with NATURE! 
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